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Kaneko General Accountancy Services is here to help customers with their everyday financial woes. Our skilled and polite team of accountants are always on hand for consultation in dealing with a huge range of financial problems you may be facing in Japan.


Thank you for taking the time to visit Kaneko General Accountancy Services website. As a finance and accountancy professional, I believe that it's important to be as much use to our clients as possible.

In an era where the market is always changing and evolving, we strive to be a stable port of call for our clients, providing the best possible advice for any financial worries you may have. My team works together to create the perfect plan of action for each client individually, partnering with specialists in various fields to ensure we are coming up with the best possible solutions.

As of October 2015, we upgraded to a new office in Hiroo, Tokyo, in order to serve our widening number of clients. We take on anyone, from financial newbies to company presidents, and always tailor make our financial plans to each individual customer.

We hope that we can be of help to you - please feel free to consult us any time.

Tetsuya Kaneko, CEO.

Tesuya Kaneko


March 1994
Graduated from Komabatoho High school
March 1999
Graduated from Keio University's Department of Law
April 1999
Entered a construction company
March 2002
Quit to study to become a certified public accountant
November 2004
Earned qualification as a certified public accountant
December 2004
Became an auditor at firm Chuo Aoyama(PwC)
March 2006
Became official auditor at Shin-Nihon(EY)
April 2007
Inaugurated as Tokyo Agricultural Cooperative Inspector
November 2009
Established independent accountancy firm in Yoyogi,
' Kaneko General Accountancy Services'
December 2009
Called on as an independent lecturer to students aiming to be Accountants at a large Prep School in Japan
  • Certified Public Accountant
    (Registration number: 23308)
  • Certified Tax Counsellor
    (Registration number: 116227)
  • Official Political Funds Auditor
    (Registration number: 4358)
April 2013
Made Committee Chairman of the Tokyo(Shibuya-ku) Tax Counselling and Accountancy Board
June 2014 -
June 2015
ommittee Chairman for various board meetings by the Tax Counselling and Accountancy Board

October 2015
Relocation and upscaling of Kaneko General Accountancy Services headquarters to Hiroo

Special Mention

September 2010
Experience working on the Certified Public Accountants Board Okamoto Fund in Singapore.


We cater to corporate individuals as well as a wide variety of businesses, always focussing on the customer's needs in order to provide the best counselling and financial advice. Our office has official partnerships with various cooperations to provide specific expert advice relating to a large number of fields. We believe no financial worry is too big or small - we are always on hand to provide professional assistance.

Taxation / Accountancy
  • Support for newly established corporate firms and individual ventures
  • Book-keeping, tax returns
  • Tax investigation
  • Payroll Processing, year-end tax adjustment
  • Accounting services
  • Accounting operations
  • Inheritance tax returns (including secondary inheritance)
  • Stock price calculations
  • Other tax and accountancy consulting
  • Inspection of political funds
Various consulting
  • Management Strategy consulting
  • Financial Affairs consulting
  • Succession of a business
  • Financial planning for repayment of debt including bank loans
  • Support in Public Interest Corporation Authorisation of general incorporated institutions and legally incorporated foundations
  • Various legal audits


Kaneko General Accountancy Services
  • CEOTetsuya Kaneko
  • Staff7 people (4 full-time, 3 part-time)
  • 5F NIKI Building, 5-14-2 Hiroo, Shibya-ku, Tokyo,
  • 150-0012.
  • TEL: 03-5793-1501  FAX:03-5793-1502



For a free consultation, please contact us anytime.

  • TEL:03-5793-1501
  • FAX 03-5793-1502